Jakt June 2018 Financial Results

June was a solid month for Jakt with revenue ~$335,000, an increase of 12% compared to May. Revenue increased from the previous period due to continuation of existing projects as well as addition of new partners and projects.

Gross Margin increased from 47% to 52% compared to the previous period. Net Margin increased by 4%, reaching 16% from 12% in May.

Jakt continues to invest part of its profit in marketing as well as talent development.
Cash in the bank increased reaching ~590,000 due to increased revenue and a decrease in AR. In summary, the company is in a strong position to continue growing.

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Jakt June 2018 Financial Results

Accrual Basis

Revenue • $335,665
Gross Margin • $174,916 (52%)
Net Margin • $54,558 (16%)

Cash Basis

Revenue •  $309,745
Gross Margin • $175,247 (57%)
Net Margin • $61,200 (20%)

Team Members

Full-time, Part-time and Contractors • 33

Cash on Hand

Bank Balance (before tax) • $592,860 
Bank Balance (after tax) • $479,085

Trailing 12 Month Revenue • ~$2,765,000


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