Jakt August 2018 Financial Results

August revenue was ~$345,200, on par with average monthly numbers, but lower than July. Revenue was made up of existing projects and the addition of new ones, which offset the projects that came to an end in August.

Gross margin for August was at ~50%, no significant change from July. Net margin was around ~13%, a decrease from the July 27% number. Net margin decreased was due to an increase in operational headcount as well as marketing spending.

Jakt invested in a new business, thus cash slightly decreased from the last period.

The company is stable and in pursuit of new revenue streams that can support our growth vision.

Wondering why we are releasing our financial results? read this.

Jakt August 2018 Financial Results

Accrual Basis

Revenue • $345,155
Gross Margin • $171,205 (50%)
Net Margin • $45,850 (13%)
Trailing 12 Month Revenue • ~$3,248,696.91

Cash Basis

Revenue •  $307,125 
Gross Margin • $129,460 (42%)
Net Margin • $10.220 (3%)

Team Members

Full-time, Part-time and Contractors • 33


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