Jakt November 2018 Financial Results

November revenue is ~$326,000, a slight decrease from October numbers but overall steady and remaining in the $300,000+ range compared to previous periods.

Gross Margin for November is at 59%, and Net Margin is at 38%. The increase in both Gross and Net Margin compared to October numbers is due to the optimization of resources and reduction of some expenses.

The company is steady. We continue to strengthen its capabilities and lay the groundwork for further growth.

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Jakt November 2018 Financial Results

Accrual Basis

Revenue • $326,420
Gross Margin • $191,680 (59%)
Net Margin • $122,600 (38%)

Cash Basis

Revenue •  $330,160
Gross Margin • $181,685 (55%)
Net Margin • $110,560 (33%)

Trailing 12 Month Revenue • ~$3,686,615

Team Members

Full-time, Part-time and Contractors • 24


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