Jakt 2018 Yearly Financial Results

JAKT had an extremely successful 2018.

Compared to 2017 revenue grew by 134% taking the business from ~$1.7M to ~$3.94M.
Gross Margin also increased from 44% in 2017 to 50% in 2018. This was the result of strategically optimizing resources and maintaining a high billable allocation rate (utilization).

As the number and size of our partners increased our needs as a company increased as well. We added additional resources in Operations and Finance as well as an increased spend in Marketing resources. Even with these additional expenses we maintained the same 22% Net Profit as 2017.

Wondering why we are releasing our financial results? read this.

Jakt 2018 Yearly Financial Results

Accrual Basis

Revenue • $3,946,968
Gross Margin • $1,990,069 (50%)
Net Margin • $773,984 (20%)

Cash Basis

Revenue •  $3,808,119
Gross Margin • $1,907,532 (50%)
Net Margin • $738,743 (19%)


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